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The WAG•A•BAG stores were first opened in 1964 by Virg and Nancy Rabb. Virg held the vision that rural small towns needed convenience stores and in those years, there were none.  The first store was built  at 701 East Taylor Street in Round Rock, Texas, now the location for Quick Pharmacy. Round Rock had 1800 residents at that time and people came from surrounding towns to watch the first commercial building go up in the past 65 year time period. Hard to imagine…but Round Rock did not have one traffic light, no police force and only two grocery stores at that time.

Virg and Nancy were raising dachshunds when the original store was opened . People inquire constantly as to the WAG•A•BAG logo and the dog tipping the grocery sack. A good friend who helped in the development of the first store suggested the logo but one of the dogs probably did tip a sack of groceries at some point in time.

WAG•A•BAG  has enjoyed a continuous but cautious growth, committed to being a community store at each location. Virg Rabb's commitment to fairness and integrity in private enterprise has served as an inspiration to all those who work in the company.

Locations include Round Rock, Georgetown, Huttto, Pflugerville, Liberty Hill, and Northwest Austin.  Two new locations are planned for the Hutto community . When the location opens on Capital of Texas Highway in 2008, the company will operate 18 locations.   The Headquarters is located at 2604 Sunrise in Round Rock, Texas.

Even with the explosive growth of Central Texas and the changing times, one of the things WAG•A•BAG prides itself on is its "people". Exemplary customer service continues to be the goal in each location.

With Virg Rabb's death in 1998, son Cary Rabb stepped in and he and Nancy Rabb now run the company of 150 plus employees. Both are committed to carrying on the vision of making a difference in each community as well as ensuring value to the free enterprise system that Virg envisioned.

To celebrate 40 years of business, WAG•A•BAG chose to thank the customer base by awarding a free Caribbean cruise to  winners in each location. At the same time, Cary Rabb was made President of the company.

Realizing that the history needed to be recorded, Nancy Rabb published "It's Out of the Bag" in 2006, highlighting the most memorable stories of the past 40 years. She particularly wanted readers to know about the dream Virg Rabb developed. The book is available in most WAG•A•BAG  locations.

Board of Directors includes:

Wag•A•Bag, Inc.

2604 Sunrise

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